Let's Talk Newborns!

Let’s talk newborns!

So squishy and cute! So perfect! So many cuddles! My newborn sessions are all custom to each client. No two are the same.

I get asked so many questions about newborn sessions i’m here to give you the abridged version!

About my newborn sessions:

Length: My newborn sessions are typically 2-3 hours in length. This number varies. I have had newborns be perfect - parents that ONLY wanted the newborn, and i’m done in about an hour and a half. I’ve had newborns that did not settle, wanted mom’s comfort, parents that didn’t follow my prep guidelines, or were just gassy newborns - those sessions were on the longer end at 3-4ish hours.

What do I supply: For my posed newborn sessions (which is about 90% of my sessions). I bring anything and everything! I bring the flooring (I never know if i’ll use it till I get to my client’s home), I bring the cute little swaddles - bonnets - headbands! I bring furs we may need. I bring all the stuff needed for the naked shots (posing fabric/ poser pillows). If you have specific requests or love a prior photo i’ve shot - let me know before our session so I can plan for it and bring what we need!

What do you supply: I ask for very few things (and I will send reminders the night before). A pacifier if you are open to me using it (ONLY if needed. Sometimes I don’t). Swaddles that you don’t mind poop on (think cheap hand me downs).

Why baby prep is important: I’ll start with - every baby is different - so although we take every step to get your baby as sleepy and happy for our session as possible - some babies just don’t want to cooperate. Baby prep can really make or break a session. If you prep your newborn, statistically speaking, our session will run so much smoother. I can’t tell you how many times a parent tells me their baby will do fine without it - and then they just don’t do as well as they could.

How to baby prep: Keep that baby up about an hour to an hour and a half before our session! Give baby a bath about 30 minutes before I arrive. Feed baby as I arrive - I take a few minutes to set up so that is a perfect time to feed baby’s belly so he/she is super happy. Another thing i’ll ask is to heat your house. I come with heating pads and lots of swaddles to wrap up your little one, but remember - your little one is used to the womb. Nice and warm and cozy. A warm baby is a sleepy baby. I usually recommend 80ish degrees. This last piece of advice is especially important for naked shots.

During our session: Is time for you to relax. Know that your baby is in great hands. I take my time- and we move from shot to shot. I start with naked shots, and move to swaddles shots by the end. I swap in and out headbands and/or bonnets. I add backdrops and different elements to each shot. This is the time to relax. Feel free to ask questions, go take a nap (it’s happened!), or just watch and feel at ease.

How long till photos are ready: I will tell you a week… If I can get them sooner I will… if it takes longer, i’ll let you know. I retouch every photo and make sure it is picture perfect. From skin coloring to background to scratches. Your newborn will be picture perfect.

I genuinely love my little newborn. I take so much pride and care during our session. Practicing good safety throughout our session. If a baby is not cooperating or uncomfortable for any of my posing, I will not attempt it. Everyone loves the “froggy pose” - that shot with baby “holding up” it’s head. That is a composite and baby must be VERY sleepy. Not all babies will hold still for that shot. That’s ok, and we don’t force them.