What to wear for senior photos!

First and foremost, a huge congratulations to you, or your senior graduating high school!

So the easy part of hiring a photographer (hopefully me ;) ) to capture this special time in your senior’s life. But now the stress of choosing what clothing to wear!? My senior sessions are roughly an hour (sometimes a little more depending on the location). We’ve got plenty of time for a few outfits.

My 3 biggest tips for senior sessions.

Tip #1: Pick something your senior loves to wear! Do they have a favorite jacket? Favorite sunglasses? Do they like crazy socks? Let them pick something they like! It’s a great memory for seniors to look back and see themselves wearing something that they may not have forever. Think about when you were in school - do you have something wearable you associated school with?

Tip #2: My second item would be to bring something into the senior session that they are involved in. Is your senior in a sport? Do they dance? Are they the band? Track? Scouts? Do they like to ice skate? Do they have a hobby? Incorporate it! If it’s a sport with a ball - bring the ball! If they have a Letterman, bring that! If they are not involved in anything or don’t have anything special they want to include - I usually would suggest to bring a cap and gown to wear for this OR something related to the college they will attend.

Tip #3: My third suggestion is usually for the parents (typically moms), to pick an outfit. For guys I suggest a nicer top with a sweater or layers, try googling senior photos, dark denim is always flattering (if it doesn’t have holes). For ladies, I suggest a dressier option (either a dress, or skirt/top combo). But the key for the ladies is something the feel good and comfortable in.

So there you go! 3 quick wardrobe tips for senior sessions!