Jennifer + Jason's Wedding!

And a day to remember it was…..

It all started a while ago, Jennifer has the sweetest little girl Mazzy who was turning 1. She’s been following me for a while and had contacted me to capture her first birthday cake smash. We had the cutest little theme with rainbow and pastel. Around that same time she contacted me about her wedding! It was a without a doubt yes! Here’ a shot from Mazzy’s cake smash! How cute is she?

Her wedding day was stunning! Meeting at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. The most gorgeous setting! Starting in the room where she was getting ready. Once she was all ready we all shuttled over to the main wedding site! There is a special room near the Birchwood Wedding Site where she could go hide (but still peek through a widow at all the guests arriving)!

The ceremony itself was gorgeous. I’m talking - amazing lighting, amazing backdrop, beautiful people! The weather on the other hand…. a little warm, but ya know…. we were OK!

After the stunning ceremony we headed over to the Ferris wheel!! For real! What a crazy beautiful place for photos!!! Calamigos does it right! Of course we almost got lost multiple times but we made it!

Once the formal portraits were done it was time for the fun! Dancing the night away, great food (seriously, I had a plate and it was 5 stars++++!). Jason and Jennifer have the most beautiful love! It was honestly a fairy tale to capture! The love between the two of them - and for their guests was so apparent. Thank you Jason and Jennifer for choosing me to capture one of the most special times in your life!

Photographer: Shannon Prince Photography | Coordinator: Ebeling events | DJ: Bouquet Sound (Matt) | Videographer: Sohi Productions | Flowers: Flowers by Maria | Venue: Calamigos Ranch | Harpist : Strange Interlude

Unedited images VS the final image

Every now and then I get asked for unedited photos/RAW photos/ or “all the other images” The unedited photos in any situation are far less superior to what the end product is. This is why you don’t get unedited images….

Similar to other photographers - after your photos are taken there is a whole process on the back end to make sure your photos are picture perfect for your family. The first step is to cut down any images that are either duplicates, blurry/missed focus, bad angles (this one is a bit more subjective), or poorly composed. Through the years I’ve been able to minimize the images I take out but every sessions still gets a detailed look and a special touch.

After the initial cull, the second step is the editing. This process varies depending on the type of session but can take many many hours. Many factors play a role here - lighting, conditions at our session, composition, what type of session, etc

I’ve showcased some photos before/after so you can see the magic that goes into all the post production work. All the before shots are SOOC (Straight off the camera) - meaning NO editing. I added some extra photos from my recent maternity session. When conditions are less ideal there is always more back end work.

Newborn photos require extra attention to skin coloring and shadowing.

Newborn photos require extra attention to skin coloring and shadowing.

The “Froggy” pose is always a composite.

The “Froggy” pose is always a composite.

It’s important to note that every photographer has their own style of editing (and culling down) images. And of course, every sessions lighting is different. Every situation (multi family or individual- clouds vs sun) is unique and edited as such.

What to wear for senior photos!

First and foremost, a huge congratulations to you, or your senior graduating high school!

So the easy part of hiring a photographer (hopefully me ;) ) to capture this special time in your senior’s life. But now the stress of choosing what clothing to wear!? My senior sessions are roughly an hour (sometimes a little more depending on the location). We’ve got plenty of time for a few outfits.

My 3 biggest tips for senior sessions.

Tip #1: Pick something your senior loves to wear! Do they have a favorite jacket? Favorite sunglasses? Do they like crazy socks? Let them pick something they like! It’s a great memory for seniors to look back and see themselves wearing something that they may not have forever. Think about when you were in school - do you have something wearable you associated school with?

Tip #2: My second item would be to bring something into the senior session that they are involved in. Is your senior in a sport? Do they dance? Are they the band? Track? Scouts? Do they like to ice skate? Do they have a hobby? Incorporate it! If it’s a sport with a ball - bring the ball! If they have a Letterman, bring that! If they are not involved in anything or don’t have anything special they want to include - I usually would suggest to bring a cap and gown to wear for this OR something related to the college they will attend.

Tip #3: My third suggestion is usually for the parents (typically moms), to pick an outfit. For guys I suggest a nicer top with a sweater or layers, try googling senior photos, dark denim is always flattering (if it doesn’t have holes). For ladies, I suggest a dressier option (either a dress, or skirt/top combo). But the key for the ladies is something the feel good and comfortable in.

So there you go! 3 quick wardrobe tips for senior sessions!

Photographing a surrogate birth!

The life of a photographer is not always planned. And sometimes those unexpected moments during a session can be the most special moments. This birth session was nothing short of special. I had a surrogate mama contact me when she was 14 weeks along with a special baby boy! This was an extra special session because before this baby boy, the parents had tried for a baby girl that didn’t stick.

Flash forward to 2019! I connected back up with this surrogate mama about our plans, and back up plans. Her c-section was planned on January 8th and I was happy to be on call for her the week prior. Skip to January 3rd 3am (yes, I was fast asleep) - I get a phone call “Shannon - my water broke, we’re heading to the hospital shortly” … up and out of bed, threw on clothes, brushed my teeth and ran out the door! That 20 minute drive felt like an eternity.

Once I arrived the surrogate mama was checked in and waiting final testing. While the tests were being processed (that took a few hours more than expected) the parents arrived! We finally got to share the surprise to the parents that the surrogate mom hired me, as a special surprise for the parents. Not only is this selfless woman carrying their baby for them, she hired me to photograph all the excitement of the birth! Seriously, thinking about this makes me want to cry tears of joy all over again. As expected the parents were overjoyed! So many amazing emotions all happening so fast!

Shortly after 8am it was go time! Initially we were told only one person can be in the OR during the c-section. At that point I went to the waiting room and chatted with the parents to be about everything! Names, life, the c-section process, photography, art, and traveling. As we were chatting in the waiting room, we got word that 2 more could join the c-section (we were shocked and extremely excited!) !!!! It was an extreme honor that I could be there to photograph this, and be along side the new mom (surrogate, and the surrogate’s husband). Once dressed and ready to go we waited till the surrogate mom was ready and then we all shuffled in. Every c-section is different on the rules in the room, where they have me stand, and what they let me photograph. When the doctor was ready to pull baby out she called me over, I got into position and captured the most amazing miracle. Baby boy was born!

After a quick clean up, check up, and warm up, baby was perfect. Quickly after we left the OR we met up with Dad who greeted baby for the first time. Such a special moment, a lot of excitement, and now could breath a sigh of relief! Poor dad was waiting, worried, and anxious that all would go well for the surrogate mama, and baby. Fortunately everyone was perfect.

Baby still had to get weighed in, checked out, and checked on. Next up!? New parents got to hold baby boy! As a new parent there are so many emotions, and to be sitting with the parents as they hold their baby for the first time was absolutely an honor and a priceless memory. One of my favorite moments in the nursery was when they parents were holding baby and just looking at him. Those first steps to learning how baby works, what soothes him and what he likes.

After the nursery they were sent off to the recovery room. Holding baby, feeding baby for the first time, changing a diaper! Swaddling baby boy and finding those comfy spots to cuddle with him. The best years of their life are now. These memories and precious moments, will always be remembered thanks to the most amazing surrogate who planned this all.

In the few days following up with the surrogate and parents, the surrogate is doing well and recovering nicely. The new parents are learning their baby and trying to get sleep. In less than a month the new parents will go back to their home town but until then they are staying local and taking in their new baby one moment at a time.

Within the day they got a sneak peek, and within 2 days they received all their photos to share.

For more information on booking a birth send me a message!